Chairperson’s Message 主席歲末年終致詞

Chairperson’s Message 主席歲末年終致詞

As 2019 coming to an end, on behalf of my Committee at ACJC, I would like to send you all our Season’s Greetings and our best wishes for a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2020.  May we all find success on and off the tracks.

Thank you for all your support over the past four years since our inception.  We’ve had an incredible journey so far – we are growing steadily – we now have members from Mildura to Sunshine Coast (with Sydney in between).

Through our Corporate Members, ACJC now owns (on behalf of all members) a share in a very good 2 year old colt by Lonhro trained by Anthony Freedman plus leases in 2 very well bred fillies trained by Mick Price and Mick Kent Jr and Archie Alexander.  Our members now own and race over 20 horses under the “AeeCee” banner and silks, 2 of which won at Group 3 level – not a bad result within our short 4 years of operation.

I look forward to embarking on our 5th year with you at ACJC, offering you new ideas, events and more winners on track.  From the reports on ACJC Horses in Action and our event calendar, looks like we are finishing off 2019 in style with a busy 2020 ahead.


自成立以來,本會展開了一段令人難以置信的旅程,我們感謝各位在這四年裡的支持。本會日益強大,加入我們本會的除了居住在墨爾本的會員, 還有有來自郊區 Mildura, 更遠的有至來自 Sunshine Coast 和 New Zealand 的會員,而悉尼分會亦穩步發展。

而通過的我們的企業會員,ACJC (本會之會員)擁有一匹血統優異的2歲小公馬 Lonhro X She’s a Vamp 的部份股份, 現在正由馬著名練馬師Anthony Freedman 訓練。此外我們還有租貸馬計劃裡兩匹由 Mick Price, Mick Kent Jr 及 Archie Alexander 共同訓練的小母馬。澳華賽馬會部份會員擁有合共超過20匹 “AeeCee” 系的賽駒,披著ACJC綵衣在賽道上馳騁。而其中2匹出色的賽駒更能夠在僅僅4年裡便贏得了G3三級賽賽事的佳績, 實在是讓我們引以為榮。


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