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Horse racing, more specifically horse ownership in Asia is expensive and deemed by the general public only for the elite, yet most people in the Asian community love the sport of horse racing.

With the growing number of affluent Asians living in Australia and the recent success of a number of horses owned by Chinese interests, we believe there is a need to tap into the market. We like to start engaging the Asian community in the sport of horse racing by introducing them to all facets of horse racing, They can be in breeding, ownership, club membership and of course, the finer art of betting through quality entertainment for everyone.

It is with this in Nov 2014 that Derek Lo and Teresa Poon got together to establish a club, to engage the Asian community in a wide range of horse racing activities on a social basis at the onset. This is not a horse-syndication.

Australian Chinese Jockey Club “ACJC” is formed as a prestigious membership club, operating as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to:

  • Connect Chinese and aspiring owners of racehorses together to become a force and advocate of our interest in horse racing;
  • Bring horse racing sport and promote the joy of horse ownership to the Asian community; and
  • Assist local and overseas Chinese to acquire Australian racehorses.
  • We work closely and in partnership with racing clubs to develop our common interest in the sport we love, providing exclusive invitation to top events and access privileged activities, meeting the needs and satisfying the expectations of club members.
  • ACJC believes and advocates responsible gambling. The Club plans to devote part of its surplus funds to charities and needy projects for the community.


The concept is to introduce members to all facets of horse racing which with active participation in the Club’s functions, lead them into further involvement in memberships in racing clubs, horse ownership, wagering and breeding. Activities include:

  • Visits to trainers stable
  • Track works and jump outs
  • Horse sales/auctions
  • Horse racing related social events
  • Visits to stud/horse farm
  • Race days experience at the meropolitan & country race clubs, which include, hospitality, guided tour around the club complex and mounting yard
  • Race days guide to punting – with the assistance of a corporate bookmaker, a printed guide to all punting combinations and terminologies(translate in Chinese in line with those used in HK) will be handed out to participants on race days
  • High end exclusive social networking events

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