ACJC Horse Racing

Since our inception in Oct 2015, ACJC has slowly gained momentum in building up horse ownership.
Our members are involved in a total of 27 horses in various ways.
The quality of our horses has improved significantly from the first horse who is now a 6 year old gelding to the emerging stars in DeclarationofHeart, AeeCee Vinco and yearlings we have just bought.

AeeCee Glory is now retired and is enjoying his new role as nanny at Musk Creek Farm in Flinders.  So there is no doubt, not only did we learn to be owners, we’ve also learnt to be responsible, looking after our horses after their retirement.

We would now like to share with you some of the highlights of our ownership journey.

ACJC Horses


AeeCee Glory

AeeCee Tong De (Sold)

AeeCee Tinhhu (Sold)


AeeCee Delighted

Ladies Gem 

Mr. Dependable

Knight Order 


O’ Lovely 



AeeCee Beau

AeeCee Vinco 

AeeCee Dynasty

Mi Keri Pi 


Treaty of Seville 

AeeCee Diamond

Yearlings ‘ 17

• Snitzel x Snow Spell

• Kermadec x Fantome Gris

• Street Boss x Warrington

• I am invincible x Skyerush


• Amercain x Gallata ’17

• Toronado x Gallata ’18

• Toronado x Gallata ’19


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