Siren Rock update from Musk Creek Farm 14 Sept 2020

Siren Rock update from Musk Creek Farm 14 Sept 2020

I hope you are all well!! I just wanted to give you an update on Siren Rock. He’s a horse that struggles to put weight on and is very “colty”. Between his last update and now he has if anything lost condition or at very best held and this is due to his behaviour. I feel that to give the horse his best chance and the ownership group more of a chance seeing him race successfully and for a long period of time that he should be gelded now before he commences his next preparation. He lacks enough condition to withstand a long period of training and being a gelding would remove his “colty” behaviour but also help him put on the extra condition needed to maintain a full training preparation. I have discussed this already with David Kobritz and we would like to know if everyone would be happy to go ahead with the gelding this week, then giving him 3-4 more weeks to recover before going back to the Freedman stable. If everyone could respond to this update within 2 business days as to whether they are happy or not to go ahead and geld


Siren Rock 9月14日更新:

從上次更新到現在Siren Rock都沒有增磅兼且狀態回落。這個情況歸咎於牠還沒有絕育。到了一定的發育年龄有些小公馬便會為發情而受到干擾,這個時候的馬性情就會變得非常躁動,所以很難讓牠專注訓練和增磅。

而如果想要讓Siren Rock 能夠長時間在賽道發揮出應有的水準, 我們建議牠在下一輪訓練開始前接受絕育手術。

我已跟馬主David Kobritz討論過這個問題,現徵求大家於兩個工作天內回復是否同意通過Siren Rock 本週進行絕育手術的決定。謝謝。


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