Siren Rock at Kyneton

Siren Rock at Kyneton

ACJC horse Siren Rock is running at Kyneton this Thursday at 2.00 pm, Race 2, distance 1220m. He will be raced in our sponsor’s Musk Creek Farm colors (attached). He has drawn barrier 8 .

You can watch the race live on Channel 78 on Free to Air TV or Foxtel channel. You can of course also download app to watch it live wherever you will be. Good luck everyone.

澳華賽馬會旗下賽駒 Siren Rock 將會於本週四下午2點於Kyneton 出賽第二場1220米賽事,8 號閘位。Siren Rock 會披上贊助商Musk Creek Farm 綵衣出賽。

大家可以於免費電視頻道Channel 78 或 Foxtel之Racing.com頻道觀賞賽事。 app 收看直播.
預祝大家旗開得勝, 馬到功成!


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