How to select horses to buy?

How to select horses to buy?


It is often said by experts that one of the key factors in selecting horses to buy is to look at how they walk both in terms a loose walk & and “overstep” – what does it mean? It means when a horse walks, the hind legs land in front of where the forelegs land – it means the horse is a good one & translate to a long loose running action.

Have a look at this footage – in slow motion, you can see a perfect example of a huge “overstep”. 

This is Lot 309 American Pharaoh x Mumtaazah, which will be sold at the Inglis Sydney Easter Sale on Wednesday 6 April.



專家們經常說,買馬時選擇關鍵因素之一是看牠們走路的方式。第一是看馬匹的關節筋骨鬆不鬆軟和行走時後腿“超越”前腿的幅度。意思是指馬匹走路時,後腿落在前腿著地的前面 ,代表這匹馬會是好馬,因為筋骨鬆軟,步幅大且輕鬆。


這匹馬是 Lot 309 American Pharaoh x Mumtaazah,將於 4 月 6 日星期三在 Inglis Sydney 復活節拍賣會上出售。

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