Happy New Year from ACJC!

Happy New Year from ACJC!

Happy New Year from ACJC!

We would like to send you an interview of David Kobritz, Executive Chairman of our Corporate Member – Dealcorp where he shared with us his 35+ years journey in business & life, as a gift from ACJC to you for your holiday viewing.

“Buy well, be patient, be disciplined …”

Hopefully we can all start 2021 wiser with the wisdom drawn on David’s 35+ years of life experience.
Enjoy the viewing, have a healthy & successful 2021.

Link/鏈接: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMQUlFg3puY


鏈接為本會企業會員Dealcorp執行主席David Kobritz 受訪特輯,當中David分享了他的人生和在地產發展業內35年寶貴的經驗點滴。ACJC在此特意送上供各會員于新年假期欣賞。


希望我們都能從David 從商超過35年的房地產事業中汲取其智慧,讓我們從中取得點滴提示,助我們有較清晰的方向邁向新的一年。



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